For Creators

Making meaningful connections

Black Creators Matter (BCM) is an educational and networking platform set up to connect black content creators from all over the world.

BCM aims to pull down the borders, marginalisation and bad press that has dogged the Black community and rebrand it; creating a supportive forum with the educational resources and professional advice for Black Content Creators to thrive. Our support group provides comfort, encouragement, unity, advice, and educational resources to better ourselves and uplift each other as creators.

There is nothing more comforting for a creator than having a sounding board to bounce your ideas off. With Black Creators Matter, your days of coercing your uninterested neighbour to review your latest creation are over. BCM provides a haven for aspiring creators to hobnob with established ones,pick their brains, test out their new ideas, and get constructive feedback all within a supportive community with the same social struggles as you.

Fancy yourself the next Patricia Bright, Jackie Aina or Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie? Team up with BCM and watch your dream come true.

What we do


Black Creators Matter holds events to develop networking opportunities within the community. This includes workshops, masterclasses, parties and programmes.


With Black Creators Matter’s creative minds and producers in your corner, you can work through your challenges together and help bring that vlog, film, book or article to life.


Similar to a traditional talent agency, we pitch you for new opportunities while negotiating your incoming deals. We also provide support as you continue building your brand.


Partnering with Black Creators Matter is a great way for you to ride on our coattails and gain access to the brands and companies we are affiliated with.