Black Creators Matter will hold events as part of an awareness campaign to develop networking opportunities within the community, this will include workshops, master classes, parties and programmes.

It is an exciting event in the life of a budding writer or videographer to meet professional and established creators, especially those whose work we grew up reading or watching. BCM sets up fan events for black creators to conduct book or channel launches with meet and greet and book signings, where you can run your ideas by these creators one-on-one, in real life.

Better still, your partnership with Black Creators Matter promotes you for other opportunities for exposure. We partner with existing events such as Vidcon and Summer in the City, to make sure Black creators get all the exposure they need and deserve.


Creators block is a very real occurrence, that befalls even the best of us. As an aspiring blogger or vlogger, starting a great piece only to flounder midway with no scenario just seems to be the right fit, is a creator’s nightmare.

Don’t be in a hurry to kill off new ideas or send them on a journey of no return. Or worse, don’t be that creator with countless unfinished stories that never see the light of the day.

With Black Creators Matter’s team of creative minds and producers in your corner, you can work through your challenges together and help bring that vlog, film, book or article to life.


Partnering with Black Creators Matter is a great way for Black creators to ride on our coattails and gain access to the brands and companies we are affiliated with.

The opportunities for sponsorships, brand partnerships, media opportunities, mentoring, jobs and access to events is unlimited/plentiful. Networking within a community of like-minded peers with similar struggles is a great way to learn about resources, opportunities for exposure information on contests and competitions with juicy prizes that you can take advantage of.

You can even enjoy the legal support of what could serve as a pressure group when confronted with challenges such as plagiarism and the poaching of ideas by others.