Black Creators Matter (BCM) is an educational and networking platform set up to connect black content creators from all over the world.

BCM aims to pull down the borders, marginalisation and bad press that has dogged the Black community and rebrand it; creating a supportive forum with the educational resources and professional advice for Black Content Creators to thrive. Our support group provides comfort, encouragement, unity, advice, and educational resources to better ourselves and uplift each other as creators.

There is nothing more comforting for a creatorthan having a sounding board to bounce your ideas off. With Black Creators Matter, your days of coercing your uninterested neighbour to review your latest creation are over. BCM provides a haven for aspiring creators to hobnob with established ones,pick their brains, test out their new ideas, and get constructive feedback all within a supportive community with the same social struggles as you.

Fancy yourself the next Patricia Bright, Jackie Aina or Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie? Team up with BCM and watch your dream come true.


After graduating with a MA in Journalism, I started my career as a Journalist in Paris working for French media heavies.

I then moved to London where I became Project Manager for a leading conference company, focused in Africa and the Middle East. After spending a period of time leading events between the African continent and London, I then relocated to Miami, to reorganise the communication and PR strategy of a French television broadcaster.

Since my return to London, I have worked as an Event Producer for a variety of companies, such as YouTube. I have directed the fantastic YouTube Black programme in 2017 where I met loads of black content creators. That was the light bulb moment from which Black Creators Matter was inspired: I wanted to create an inclusive community where Black Content Creators could get information, collaborate, network and thrive, as part of a group that really cares.

I am now the owner of – MOKA – a creative events and production agency dedicated to creating extraordinary live events and digital experiences.